Mattebox: A photo app and filter sharing platform

Mattebox is a fun way to discover, create and share photo filters. Make a filter in seconds, and share it with your friends—they’ll be able to use it right on the web!

Looks interesting. You can see the filters on

  • reallyronswanson

    $4.99 for an app with a 3-star rating. If only there was a trial mode…

    • Ben Syverson

      The 3 star reviews were from the old version, which became quite outdated after a while. This new one is a complete overhaul!

      If you want to try it out, check out the filters on You can filter your own photos for free, right in the web browser.

      • reallyronswanson


        Thanks for replying. I perused a bit and watched an introductory video, but I have a question. If I am using a filter on my iPhone that someone else has created, can I go in adjust values, then save that as a new filter?

        This wasn’t made clear on the site, but I would still like to know.



        • Ben Syverson

          M: Yes, you can! That’s the fun part. 🙂 You can see how someone achieved a certain look and modify it for your own use.