How a Neumann U87 microphone is made


  • Eric Dannewitz

    I’m always interested in the “rumor” that one of these companies supposedly has a horde of vacuum tubes that somehow aren’t reproducible now. Is it AKG? I don’t remember. But that somehow Tubes from the 40s/50s are somehow not replicable now and there is a horde of them somewhere….

  • GadgetGav

    Pretty cool. Slightly cheesy voice over, but interesting to see how they’re made. I love the aesthetics of that kind of mic, and even the nice wooden box it comes in. I’d love to have one, even though I don’t need one – right up to the point where he said it’s worth several thousand dollars!

    • GadgetGav

      Yeah, over $3,000. You need to pay for hand built quality like this.