Analyst disappointed with iPad sales

The analyst [Steve Milunovich] explained that he has been disappointed with Apple’s iPad sales and that tablets in general are at risk from sales of smartphones, phablets… and PCs. The tablet simply isn’t a “must-have” device, he explained.

Steve Milunovich… you’re a fucking moron.

  • Dylan

    Can’t help but feel like you could offer a little more that just “fuck this guy.”

    • DanielSw

      In case you hadn’t noticed, this is Jim’s blog, and he gets to express his thoughts and opinions the way he sees fit. What Jim is ”offering” is pretty much what these fucking morons deserve.

      • Yeah, Dylan. Don’t go using the comments on Jim’s site to make suggestions and offer feedback. Not cool, man. Not cool.

    • G

      One often hears, “what would Steve Jobs do.” We can never know the answer to that. But with Jim, we can always know “what would Steve Jobs say.”

    • Moeskido

      Try taking it in context with the dozens of other stories posted here that profile how foolish analysts can be.

  • Really, the iPad has never been a “must-have” device. It’s highly unlikely that you need one to stay alive, to keep your home, or to put food on your table.

    It’s succeeded in spite of this, though, and will doubt continue to.

    • impaler

      No devices are must have for survival.

      • Sure, if you’re some kind of über human who can tell time by the sun and navigate by the stars and start fires with twigs and moss and build houses with a hammer, saw and nails. For the rest of us, there are many devices that are a must for survival.

        If it weren’t for computers, I’d be out of a livelihood. My MacBook Pro is a must for my survival. The iPad I sold this month wasn’t.

  • Nothing new. Listen to USB’s Steve Milunovich @ 44:10 in the Q3-13 call. It’s clear he sorely needs to study Apple’s game tape. Milunovich wants blood from a turnip.

  • Eric Dannewitz

    You are being generous in your “analysis” Mr. Dalrymple.

  • digeratti

    For someone who doesn’t like snark – you’re amazingly full of it.

    • caleb_land

      Calling someone a moron isn’t snark. It’s the opposite of snark.

      Snark is indirectly deriding something.

      Jim doesn’t like snark because he likes directness. You have to admit (even if you don’t like his ideas/style), he is pretty direct.

      • Actually that was an ad hominem attack and does not directly refute the argument at all. I’m going with shark.

        • caleb_land

          Shark? I like that. The opposite of snark.

  • Winski

    He’s on the wrong meds today… AND EVERY DAY !!!

  • Terry Maraccini

    There are very few must-have devices; toilet maybe.

    • dvdphn

      In some places, like China, even toilets are a luxury, and some hotel toilets don’t have water in the bowl. (My last visit was in 2005, but I doubt things have changed that much.)

      But yes, I think most people agree a toilet is a “must have”.