McRib: How McDonald’s strange, seasonal sandwich explains the rest of its menu

The Atlantic:

Each year, the McRib makes a brief visit to Earth. Its arrival elicits reactions ranging from horror to awe. And for good reason: this would-be rib sandwich is really a restructured pork patty pressed into the rough shape of a slab of ribs, its slathering of barbecue sauce acting as camouflage as much as coating. “Pork” is a generous term.

I haven’t had a McRib in twenty years and after reading this, I’ve got a good reason to keep that streak alive.

  • Sigivald

    If you follow down into the core source talking about it over there, the McRib is made of “pork trimmings” – plain old pork meat and fat, just bits too small to sell as cuts by themselves or use as stew meat.

    It’s real pork, it’s just as nutritious as a pork chop or loin, and admirably saving the food from being waste.

    (Not that there’s a damned thing wrong with tripe or heart, which are both delicious and nutritious foods eaten worldwide.)

  • Franko65

    Go over to any southern italian household and you’ll have some delicious tripe/heart/lung/liver stew 😉

  • DanielSw

    That article is a huge pile of steaming psycho-babble crap.

    I LOVE the MacRib! It’s DELICIOUS!

  • Moeskido

    If I was aiming to eat a sugar and fat sandwich, I’d use better ingredients.

  • MishQus

    In Germany, it’s available all year around.

  • This is what this crap looks like before cooking at the restaurant.

    Looks like cardboard. I can’t remember the last time I ate at Mickey D’s, and I don’t think I’ll go again.