The evolution of the iPhone

Interesting infographic. Take a look, see if it all looks right to you, then read the comment below it.

  • Why are you giving this un- researched and badly designed garbage your customers’ eyeballs?

    Bottom feeders like techi need to be ignored, not encouraged and rewarded with blind links continuing to artificially inflate their page hits.

  • Moeskido

    Cute, but needs a proofreader.

  • walterunderwood

    Why does making something an “infographic” make it interesting? I hate this crap. Give me clear data, not silly pictures.

  • Larry Davis

    That was a terrible infographic. The font made my eyes bleed but not half as much as the incorrect facts and images. And several key milestones weren’t included (like the first A-series chip).

    • Mother Hydra

      absence of the Ax processor line was a head-scratch moment for me, too. I just don’t…

  • Mother Hydra

    terrible link is terrible, do not click.