Apple’s Siri chief moves to Samsung

The engineer who oversaw development of Apple’s Siri technology is now at Samsung building an online service for linking together the “Internet of things.”

Luc Julia, a vice president at Samsung’s innovation lab in Menlo Park, California, demonstrated the project, called SAMI, or the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions, at a conference north of San Francisco on Friday.

I don’t really know what to say.

  • i am call BullShit on this one. Non of my personal sources have been able to confirm and Mark Gurman just tweeted out the following: “There’s reports on the web that “Apple’s Siri chief” quit for Samsung. Head of Siri is bill stasior, he’s still at apple.”

    • Billy Razzle

      Former head of Siri Luc Julia.

  • Ouch

  • Gretchen

    So Samsung have convinced a Siri engineer to work on Sami.

    I don’t fault the chap. Apple should have negotiated better terms to keep him.

    But Samsung. How utterly desperate are they.

    • You should look up all the employees Apple hired from Google, vice versa, etc. It’s common for people to change companies and has no bearing on the hiring company.

  • vincentbir

    Looking at how useless Siri is (slow, buggy) I’d say ‘No worries’.

  • the Ugly Truth

    not complicated really….


  • Meh. People move on and up all the time. Apple isn’t immune to this.

  • Luděk Roleček

    To be honest I see this as an opportunity for the new guy to come in and make Siri less shitty. People come and go, it’s no big deal.

    • Mother Hydra

      “make Siri less shitty” -why they wanted to push out 10.9 instead of focusing on this arguably more important task is baffling. Siri sucks so hard right now, I’m embarrassed its on the phone (albeit disabled), that stupid voice just irritates me now with all of the worthlessness and complexity it brings along.

      • Slurpy2k12

        No clue what you’re talking about. Siri is VASTLY improved in iOS7- in terms of speed, reliability, functionality, and voice. Stop being so damn sensationalistic. Also, no clue what this has to do with 10.9- should they have NOT decided to update OSX because Siri, one component of iOS, is not perfect (which it never will be anyway)?

        No, Siri doesn’t suck. 90% of the time it pulls up exactly what I want in around a second.

        • Mother Hydra

          You are definitely in the minority here and clearly don’t expect much from Siri, OR you’re an Apple employee astroturfing. Go ahead and try Google Now and tell me Siri’s average response time is OK. Hell, I hate google services but their offering is worlds away from Siri. Yes, I think pulling people from OS X would have been a wiser choice considering their most popular computers (read iPhone) ships with the service. Simply saying Siri is not perfect is an understatement to the extreme, she/it is nearly worthless outside the strict and finicky parameters Apple has put in place. But you seem content with mediocre services such as this whereas I want and demand more from Apple (even though they seem to just completely fail in this area).

          • Billy Razzle

            I just sent an email to my wife with Siri. Absolutely no problem or issue at all. It works just fine for me.

  • Mother Hydra

    this seems poorly vetted which I guess makes sense given the source. slow morning for news eh? yikes…