Understanding market share

A great article from Charles Arthur that delves into the differences between market share and installed base.

  • satcomer

    Yes but most Fanboys will never understand something like this.

    • One’s on both sides. Profit share is the same thing, IMHO.

      • dr.no

        When did Google provide any number to you or even Samsung. Samsung had the audacity to use third party data in their investor call.

        Google can easily provide more numbers to back their market share but instead keeps manipulating Google+ when no one wants to use it.

        Profit is the score that Companies suppose to keep that is in their charter and in the constitution. Don’t you believe in the Constitution? You must be a communist.

        • Profit is a “score” some companies live by, not all.

          I haven’t seen any reports of third party data in an investor call but I don’t doubt it. Samsung doesn’t surprise me too often these days.

          As for Google+, 300M seem to want to use it; even if you’re skeptical, cut it in half at 150M and you’re claim is still wrong. 😉