Blackhawks fans grab Winnipeg player’s helmet, dump beer on him

So the Winnipeg Jets played the Chicago Blackhawks last night when Chicago’s Brandon Bolling checked the Jets’ Adam Pardy into the boards. A loose piece of plexiglas popped out and Pardy went into the stands. What happened next is hilarious.

I fucking love hockey.

  • Stu Mark

    I thought for sure that this was a post by my brother. Hockey is indeed a fucking thing to love!

  • PRoth

    Peter, you’re awesome. I saw the highlights last night too. At first, I only saw that the fan had a Jets helmet on and thought, “hmm, that’s neat” Then they showed how that fan (who looked quite wasted) obtained said helmet. All I can say, is that American fan was drinking their beer wrong. What a waste. Unless it was Bud, then, meh no great loss.

  • stsk
  • satcomer

    He should have dumped that rancid beer (Bud) onto him instead:)

  • in the second viewpoint of the clip you can see it’s actually the douche’s wife who dumped the beer on the player.