Google employees lash out at NSA

A pair of Google Inc employees involved with the internet company’s security systems have publicly lashed out at the National Security Agency, with one of the employees accusing the organization of subverting the law by intercepting communications on cables linking Google’s various data centers.

  • Bravo!

  • DaveChapin77

    “How dare the Government spy on our spying!”

    Basically this shows pretty clearly that when you share personal details w/ a company like Google, you are sharing with the Government, and really not just the US one. And the more people connect those two dots, the less they may be willing to share, and THAT is not so good for a data mining driven ad business. Hence: “outrage”. I am pretty sure Google couldn’t give a Sh*t about people’s privacy.

    • Lukas

      There’s a difference between compartmentalized data collection inside individual companies, and system-wide spying that ties all of your data together. There’s also a difference between a company that uses your data to better target ads for crappy electronics at you, and a government that uses your actions to decide whether you’re acting suspiciously.

  • MishQus

    Pot, kettle …

  • Slurpy2k12

    Hilarious how this guy is getting so much applause, for voicing his “outrage” from his company’s own social networking platform, driving hits, traffic, and positive publicity. Somehow, something tells me this person isn’t THAT concerned about privacy- since he works for a company that is currently being fined by several country for privacy breaches, and has had dozens upon dozens of incidents that show how little regard they actually give to privacy (wifi password snooping, over-riding safari cookie settings, sending personal info to developers when initiating a Google Play Store download,etc) not to mention Schmidt himself stating in no clear terms that privacy itself is a joke. Forgive me if I have a hard time lauding this “outrage”. There’s nothing “Bravo” about it- it’s the easiest thing possible to do to get positive PR from fans.

  • “How dare the government take for free that which we were willing to sell them!”