Beautiful Kickstarter redesign of ice cream scoop

Dr. Karl Ulrich, Vice Dean of Innovation at the Wharton School, is an ice cream scoop collector. He turned his attention to designing the perfect scoop, and I think he got it right.

  • marcintosh

    I love the design, but ultimately it’s solving a problem I don’t have. Plus I’m still waiting for my first Kick start to come to fruition before I can decide if it’s truly a worthwhile endeavor.

  • Ben Govero

    In my opinion, the primary problem with ice cream scoops is solving the over–frozen ice cream problem. Scooping can become laborious, and often turns into something akin to scraping the ice cream from the carton.

    This problem is often solved by dipping the ice cream scoop in hot water between scoops so that the warmer scoop will melt it’s way through the ice cream. This, in my opinion, is a hack, not a real fix, and a prime problem to be solved by future ice cream scoops.

  • Moeskido

    Looks practical. Glad to see he’s not entirely leaving left-handers out in the cold.

  • Larry Davis

    What if you’re a leftie?

  • Terry Maraccini

    Who uses a scoop:-)