Why the world’s best photo startup is going out of business

The Verge:

“It succeeded in every possible way,” said Jason Eberle, who built the web version of Everpix, “except for the only way that matters.”

Interesting story on the life and death of a beloved but little used startup company.

  • Once again, we see that “enthusiasm” is not a replacement for “income” and as it turns out, “begging for money” is not a sustainable business model.

    It was indeed a great idea, but it also needed an accountant. If nothing else, they might have realized $35K hosting bills will kill you rather fast.

  • Colin Mattson

    Back of the napkin math:

    Assuming Everpix had 5 petabytes of data and therefore the lowest S3 pricing, one user storing one terabyte consumes fourteen paying users’ revenues for storage alone. That doesn’t pay for the compute or bandwidth, without which the service is useless. And the numbers get much, much worse at the tiers Everpix was likely running at.

    That’s not compatible with “give us all your terabytes, it’s cool.”