Virgin America and the world’s coolest airline safety video

Virgin America really raised the bar with this one.

  • Sparky

    That’s a great video, but if I were a frequent flier it’d get pretty old pretty quickly.

  • Adam

    Too bad it’s now immediately out of date since electronic devices can now be used during taxi, takeoff, and landing…

  • Saulk Pupét

    Brought to you by LXD director Jon M. Chu—he also did the Surface dance ads and GI Joe: Retaliation. (At 2:08 you can see LXD dancer Mad Chadd—who looks a bit like Channing Tatum—do the robot, as he did in the Surface ads.)

    • Kriztyan

      That surface commercial was atrocious. Not as a song and dance routine, but as a promotional for tech gear. It did nothing to illustrate the product or highlight any incentive in buying one.

      • Saulk Pupét

        Yah, that wasn’t really Jon’s fault. He pointed that out to the agency, they didn’t care. He was like, Ok, dancing it is.