The implausibility of Thor’s physics-defying hammer, Mjölnir


Thor’s hammer Mjölnir would be the most badass weapon in comicdom even if its name didn’t sound like a Norwegian black metal band. But Marvel would have us believe that the hammer is also the god of thunder’s primary mode of transportation, and that is an unforgivable crime against the laws of physics. So we’re supposed to believe that he spins it, hurls it, and then hitches a ride on it? It’s like these people have never heard of the law of conservation of momentum!

By all means, watch the video but, and I’ve never said this before, make sure you read the comments section for the absolute nerd-gasm that is going on.

  • tylernol

    you mean Thor is not real?

  • Sigivald

    This magic hammer is implausible!

    • richardmac

      I was trying to figure out JUST the right thing to say, but that’s pretty much perfect. Well done.

    • Sebastian Paul

      He addressed the “It’s magic” explanation and why it actually makes this even worse:

      It seems that Thor is using physics to take off and magic to change the direction of his flight.

      If he is using magic to break the law of physics while flying – why not take off via magic? Like controlling the wind or something…

      Saying “It’s science, bitches!” to explain how something works becomes ridiculous when you say “It’s magic!” whenever the script requires something that contradicts science.

  • the people even giving it thought are the kinds of people I mean when I say “don’t be that guy”

  • Thomas G

    And this is why people hate nerds.

    • Be fair. There are a lot of reasons to hate nerds.

      This, though, is the reason nerds hate other nerds.

  • Moeskido

    I think the Animaniacs said it best.