Need: Curated shopping for men

Need is a monthly retailer and lifestyle magazine for the modern, discerning man. Each month, Need curates and sells an extremely limited quantity of items — including clothing, literature, furniture, artwork, alcohol, coffee, and so forth — whilst also commissioning independent journalism, photography, video, and so forth.

My good friend Matt Alexander launched his new company today. Looks good Matt, congratulations!

  • Martin Johnson

    This would be great as a Flipboard Magazine. Anyone have thoughts on how to put that together?

  • I thought there already was such a store: Harbor Freight.

  • Moeskido

    $179 for a pair of jeans. For skinny men who can afford to live in San Francisco. 😉

    • I closed the page as soon as I saw those numbers. Too rich for my blood.

    • Yes. Good luck to your friend, Jim, but it’s all way out of my price range.