Accessing GarageBand’s additional content for Mac and iOS

There has been some confusion about how you access the additional content in GarageBand for iOS and Mac. Today, Apple posted two helpful articles explaining what content comes with the apps by default and the steps you need to take to download the extras. It’s worth reading both the iOS and Mac support articles.

Expanding GarageBand for Mac (v10.0) content with an in-app purchase

Expanding GarageBand for iOS 2.0 content with an in-app purchase

  • The White Tiger

    Oh, I hadn’t looked for the in-app purchases in GarageBand, but I’m very pleased to see Apple kept it all free for customers who’d bought GarageBand previously.

    I should get around to purchasing the new sounds and stuff for 10.0, though. $5 makes it a pretty sound investment, and I have tons of store credit.

  • Odd. I still have the old GarageBand on my Mac, and the new one isn’t appearing in Software Update. Must I install the new version as if it were a new app? That’s unlike iWork.

    • Dennis Madrid

      I believe they have to be downloaded separately, but I could be wrong. I know it requires Mavericks, but I’m assuming you’ve already upgraded.

      • I have. 🙂 I got all the other iLife/iWork apps upgraded automatically. It’s curious that this one remained at an older version.

        I’m assuming that means it’ll drop the extra content that I previously had from 11. Not too worried, though; the cost is pretty small.