Apple’s R&D expenditures grew 32% in fiscal year 2013 to $4.5B

If there’s one company in the world I want spending more on R&D, it’s Apple.

Apple’s investments in research and development continue to grow, surging another 32 percent in fiscal 2013 to reach $4.5 billion — its highest-ever sum spent in a 12-month span.

I see this growth as responsible (it’s in line with the increase in net sales) and a great predictor of innovation to come.

  • GadgetGav

    It astounds me how little (relatively) Apple spends on R&D. You get the impression that all the product development that goes on there is done in a whatver-it-takes kind of atmosphere, so the fact that they can obsess about the details to that level while not spending a huge proportion of their income is an often overlooked strength of the company. I wonder if the fact that it’s going up so much hints that all the “easy” problems have been solved and the next big thing is going to be harder to pull off. If I was a betting man, I’d wager that a lot of that R&D budget is going into battery technology or it’s alternatives. That’s a tough nut to crack and I don’t think Apple will be willing to sit back and wait for someone else to figure it out.

    • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

      How is $4.5 billion little?

      • GadgetGav

        When it’s 3 or 4% of revenue, not the 11 to 14% that companies like Google and Microsoft spend.