Police ticket Google Glass-wearing driver

The police officer cited a California law stating that “[a] person shall not drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications, is operating and is located in the motor vehicle at a point forward of the back of the driver’s seat, or is operating and the monitor, screen, or display is visible to the driver while driving the motor vehicle.”

There is an exception that allows for GPS, so she may be able to fight the ticket.

  • yummyyummyfly

    So, rear-view mirrors should be illegal in California then.

    • EVula

      What kind of rear-view mirror does “produces entertainment or business applications” apply to?

  • Billy Razzle

    Sounds like the front passenger can’t use an iPad either.

    • CJ

      Because people never say, “Hey, check this out,” while using an iPad.

      Distracted driving is bad and dangerous. (And yes, I’ve done it myself. Doesn’t make it a good idea.)

  • CJ

    I can see Google Glass and Google Self Driven Cars going well together. But Google Glass and Driver-Trying-To-Figure-Out-How-To-Use-Google-Glass Driven Cars don’t sound like a very good combination if my car is anywhere near yours.