Fantastical 2

Fantastical is one of those apps that just works. Love it.

  • Andy Orr

    So the new business model for paid apps is to just drop the old one and come out with a new one. Is this easier than having an IAP to upgrade? What about apps that have data and history? What about my having to delete the old one and remember where to “put” the new one?

    I am all for paying for quality apps, but this points out one of the obvious problems with Apple’s current system.

    • what did you do with older versions of your desktop software? i delete them and throw away the install media. why cant you delete older versions of mobile apps? you dont even have to delete the install media — eaiser!

      • Andy Orr

        For Fantastical, it is not a big issue as it doesn’t store anything that you would lose by deleting the app (unlike many others). However, even in the desktop world, I prefer to upgrade existing versions of software (keeps settings intact, location on doc or taskbar, etc.)