Crazy New York Times reporter interviewed on CNN

Glad to see CNN took crazy pants to task for her stupidity.

  • the Ugly Truth

    10 years from now…her u know what is gonna sag…planned obsolescence? who she gonna blame now?

    HER: If you were a monopoly…this happens… Does Apple have a monopoly on the world smartphone market?

    HER: if you did this, there is a risk you’d p1ss your client off Hmmmm…genius…Apple would love to p1ss their beloved customers off!

    HER: Consumers don’t know 2 years from now that their phones are gonna go like her arse in few years….bricked.. Ummm…consumers do NOT have to buy a new one when their contract expires.

    Is this chick for real? I’ve got a 12″ popsicle stick that wants to meet her!

    Holy what the fudge has she been smoking?

    HOWEVER, she got her claim to fame!

    • How old are you, 12?

      • the Ugly Truth

        why u jealous?

        hypocrite much?

        • So that’s a “yes” then…

          • the Ugly Truth

            of course I am genius!

  • Billy Razzle

    My 4S works just fine. It is certainly not “unusable”.

    • guest

      For her to even suggest that an iPhone 4s has become “unusable” is either a flat out lie, or simply demonstrates that for some reason she really doesn’t know how to “use” it, and hasn’t sought any help. My 6+ year old original iPhone is still in use by a family member. She’s not only paranoid, she’s clueless.

      • Makako

        I think the article she wrote claimed that she has an iPhone 4, not 4s. I have a 4s and works fine with iOS 7.

        I also have a plain iPhone 4 with the first release of iOS 7. I got to give it a try with the latest update, it was slow but usable.

        • franksspam

          Yes, but you also were NOT required to update it to iOS 7. In fact, if you leave the original version of iOS on your phone from when you purchased it then it will run at the same speed the entire time you have it. The only thing that will degrade is the battery, which you can replace.

  • Sam Davis

    Softballs thrown at her. The New York times should be ashamed.

    • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

      One guy understood that lil thing called journalism. He got her stumbling over her words with just a few sentences.

  • GadgetGav

    This stinks of false equivalency, like making an astrophysicist debate a flat-earther. The piece was bat shit crazy and she shouldn’t get air time on CNN to keep pedaling it. Apart from the lawyer guy no-one was taking her to task.

    • guest

      Get CNN to put her on with Dalrymple. That would be TV worth watching.

    • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

      That’s what CNN does as a whole which is why I hate them with a passion reserved for lovers.

      • GadgetGav

        Yeah, CNN and New York Times. Two once great news organizations that have no clue these days.

  • guest

    That’s funny. In her original piece she claimed to have an iPhone 4. Now it’s an iPhone 4s. Either she doesn’t know tech at all (and if that’s true, why isn’t her work being checked) or she’s ethically challenged. Neither reflects well on the NYT.

  • GTWilson

    Yea verily, brothers and sisters, the Horseman Apple did open his vial and the pestilence PROGRESS did engulf the land.

    I get it now. Doomsday Cult.

    Matching jumpsuits, sneakers, and a one-way ticket on the next scheduled comet. Any day now.

  • sashk

    My 3GS works.. well, like 3GS. Not as fast as iPhone 5. But who cares if 4 years old phone still works? How about android phone, which is obsolete day it was released? Usually, technology is outdated in 2-3 years. I’m fine with that. Oh, btw, my almost 6 years old 2008 Mac Pro just got free upgrade to Mavericks and started working faster. So, she’s busted. -Stupid bitch.-

  • Blinx182

    The only times I’ve had this “problem”, was with the 3GS and 4, and those are well, very old. My 5 isn’t any slower from the day I bought it, aside from decreased battery life.

  • Jack

    Apple is doomed, we’ve exposed their evil conspiracy thanks to the NYT’s brave reporting.

  • don108

    I’d sue her a$$ for defamation.

  • Can’t see/play the video from my iPad. Is it a flash embed from CNN or something?

    • Blinx182

      It’s flash.

    • Billy Razzle

      It’s flash here, but not on CNNs site. Which is odd.

    • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

      Another reason to hate CNN. They run old dying technology that even the proprietors no longer supports. They usually let guest get away with spewing BS with no one to challenge them. Thank God for the lawyer on the show.

  • Hobert

    She’s just mad that after updating to iOS7 the finger print sensor wasn’t working like she thought it would

  • Merckel

    Another dumb bunny making a fool of herself in the NYT. A glib, vacuous “reporter” seeking her 15 minutes of fame. What’s next, a new show, pairing her up with Mike Daisey?

  • Hobert

    In reality, I think this is a sign that computing devices have progressed so much over the years and have become so widespread that people just assume their current hardware ought to be able to run the latest and greatest software just like the new hardware. CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, 64bit, and the like are practically a foreign language to many people. They didn’t participate in the days of motherboard swaps, RAM upgrades, and the Nvidia vs. ATI debates. They install a significant OS upgrade on hardware that’s a year or two old, enable several apps to use location services without understanding what that means, use it to get driving directions from the grocery store to their house and then wonder why the battery doesn’t seem to last as long as it did before.

  • lkalliance

    Well, there is a grain of truth here. That’s probably not the right term. There’s a grain of a point.

    If I’m to believe what I’ve read (and you know, we all read comments from a self-selecting group: “Lots of people are having [this problem]” in part because the people having the problem are far more likely to be posting about it than those who aren’t, creating the illusion of a wide-spread issue) then iOS 7 brings the iPhone 4 to a crawl. I had an iPhone 4S, and though it ran fine on iOS 7 I did see a decrease in battery life, which was immediate and could very reasonably be attributed to iOS 7.

    Apple didn’t warn iPhone 4 users about the size of the impact on iPhone 4 users. A reasonably tech-savvy consumer would be wary, but what level of tech-savvyness is required? To what standard should we be holding consumers, Apple, or other tech companies?

    (side note: taken in this light, that carriers don’t allow updates to many Android phones might be a BENEFIT instead of a disservice. As we so often say, your iPhone 4 runs iOS 6 just as well as it did a day ago, you don’t HAVE to have iOS 7)

    There is more than one perspective on this issue. And all this can be an issue without Apple doing it on purpose. But one could ask Apple to be more restrictive about what phones it advises SHOULDN’T be upgraded, even if those phones COULD be.

  • I don’t think there’s a conspiracy at Apple to slow down older iPhones, but I think they could do a better job of holding back new features on older iPhones that will have the effect of slowing them down.

    When I updated to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4, it immediately took a performance hit. We’re talking about a barely two-year-old phone, and overnight, essential apps like Music and Camera and Safari are all seriously lagging. Animations are choppy. It’s nowhere near the same phone it was the day before.

    And yet the battery remained as long-lasting as ever, right up until I said goodbye after more than three years of solid usage. So the hardware didn’t seem to be “wearing down”. It just seemed the older iPhone 4 couldn’t keep up with the version of iOS 6 that Apple had tailored for it.

    Which would be fine if Apple weren’t encouraging us all to upgrade while not warning us of the potential for a performance hit.

    The right thing to do would be either scale back what gets put into older iPhone updates or raise the cutoff for older iPhones to qualify for new versions of iOS.

    It seems like Apple are leaning more towards the former, since iOS 7 seemed to at least keep my iPhone 4’s performance in line with where it was on iOS 6 – there was no noticeable hit like there was when going from iOS 5 to iOS 6. And all the iPhone 4s owners I know are not reporting any performance hits on iOS 7 like the iPhone 4 did on iOS 6.

    I don’t think Apple were being nefarious when they released an iOS 6 that slowed down iPhone 4’s. But it did happen. If anything, they seem to have learned from that mistake, which is great news for the future.

    • lkalliance

      Apple can’t win for losing on this one. Is that the right phrase? If they let the oldest phones possible upgrade, then this is the fallout we see. If they restrict who gets the upgrade, then its a different kind of fallout.

      I hadn’t realized that the real performance hit was 5->6. The small number of iPhone 4 users I know (or that are friends-of-friends) each reported the same with iOS 7, but no matter: interesting what your experience was.

      • Yeah I think cutting older iPhones off earlier would be a bad move. The best bet is to better tailor the newer versions of iOS for each iPhone that is in line for the upgrade. If that means holding back more features from the older iPhones, so be it.

        But it seems like Apple are getting better at streamlining iOS itself (like they did with Mavericks, which in some cases actually makes older Macs faster). Here’s hoping they continue in that direction.

  • Frank Furter

    I knew it! My 2001 F150 doesn’t have GPS, touchscreen, infotainment system, nor digital dashboards. This is obviously a ploy by Ford to get me to upgrade to a new F150.

  • Bruno

    I understand more things now, thanks to Catherine, she’s so smart, I mean smart as a bag of rocks….

    • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

      Hey don’t dis rocks like that. I have a few rocks on my desk that will do more for me than reading her excrement on a screen ever will.

  • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

    Only the lawyer guy took her to task. The other two were sitting there buying into her BS and allowing her to regurgitate her article as if it were some sort of research and not the anecdotal shit she pulled out of her ass! She said she had an iPhone 4 in the article (which is 3 years old). On CNN she’s talking about an iPhone 4S which is 2 years old and very usable. My mom has an iPhone 4S and she said her battery life improved with iOS 7. She finds her phone extremely usable. Anyway. Your 3 year old phone with the same battery that’s been dropped a thousand times that you’ve probably rarely if ever wiped cleaned and reinstalled apps from scratch is bound to be slower with time. The 64 bit processor of today is probably 4 times faster (or more) than her 3 year old iPhone 4. And yes, I hope tech companies keep iterating and not giving me the same tech from three years ago. WTF is she talking about? Does she have processor envy?

    She had no proof. She had a hypothesis with absolutely no reasoning to back it up and for the most part they let her go on and on and on about this Apple conspiracy theory. Apple the big bad boogie man. As if every freaking phone manufacturer on the planet doesn’t release new updated shit every freaking year. Hell most of them release multiple products each year. But no one gives a sweet shit about anything but the big bad Apple! At least one person with a brain on the show shut her down. She started to stumble over her words at that point. All it takes is to speak logic to her and she get flustered because her piece made no sense and she just wants to be heard making a lot of noise but not saying anything. That was not journalism. That is foolishness and the fact that a supposedly reputable newspaper is publishing this shit makes me nervous for the future of journalism.

    Bottom line is this, no one makes consumers buy anything. If Jaguar comes out with a new S Type no one is giving them shit for making an updated cool car that their customers want to buy. Companies are in the business of making money and they do that by making shit that makes you want to buy it. WTF does she expect Apple to do? Rest on it’s laurels and stop making good shit after the phone she bought three years ago? Yeah then the bloggerati would be talking shit about how Apple isn’t innovating and they are doomed. Oh wait……..

  • Hywel

    My 4 is considerably less usable with iOS7 (Imagine how Jim imagines Android to work 2 years ago, and it’s like that). YMMV, of course, and it’s just an anecdote. I know people who don’t seem to have a problem.

    I kind of wish that the 4 had been excluded as too old/slow for iOS7. I’d prefer that to the current state of my phone.

    I joked a couple of weeks ago with a colleague that if I was a conspiracy theorist I might believe that Apple allowed it to hasten the obsolescence of my 4. He raised the game by suggesting a true conspiracy theorist would assume that Apple had put stuff in there to deliberately slow down the 4.

    So I think people do talk about this, as she suggests. The problem is that she seems to believe it.

    • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

      Android from 2 years ago, hell 1 year ago can’t get an update so…. But people can simply not upgrade. It’s pretty but the hardware just is not going to keep up with the software. I have a coworker on the 4 and he has iOS 7 with no problem except he hates the way it looks.

  • franksspam

    The worst part about her is that she equivocates regarding whether or not it is related to the iOS update. Of course the update to iOS 7 is what made the iPhone 4 slower. That is absolutely the case. But instead of admitting or realizing that she tries to make the case that it is somehow mysteriously related simply to the release of a new iPhone. Spoooooooky!

    The problem she has is that no one is forcing her to upgrade to the slower OS. And no one is forcing her to need to newer, faster features of the new iPhone. Her iPhone 4 would work the same as day one if she just left it as it was when she bought it.

  • ort888

    Did they really take her to task? Sounds more like they gave her a platform to spew forth idiocy for 4 minutes, followed up by a 30 second mild rebuttal.

    Not impressed.

    • Kip Beatty

      My thoughts exactly. Hard to believe Jim considered this “taking her to task.” They gave her a national platform to spew her garbage and barely raised an objection.

  • applec2400

    So, ironically, this video starts with a question that can be answered with a “NOOOO!”.