Mavericks, Mail, and the new Gmail equation

If you use Mail to access Gmail, you’ll definitely want to read this article. The rules have changed.

  • satcomer

    This should be posted on every Mac thread/blog that there is on the net.

  • marcintosh

    Serious question: Can someone explain to me the advantages of using Mail to access my Gmail? I use the web client in Chrome and can not think of any features I’m lacking. What does Mail actually bring to the table?

    • Mail really doesn’t bring anything to the table for me except multiple mailboxes in one place. That’s why I use it for gmail access.

      • Nick Roosevelt

        I use gmail for that!

        • I’ve thought about that but don’t want to mix my biz and personal mail.

      • marcintosh

        Thanks for the feedback. And confirming my suspicions. I only have three Gmail addresses which I consolidate into one through Gmail so I guess I don’t have to worry about Mail/Mavericks issues. Thanks again!

  • Moeskido

    So far, this is the primary reason I’m holding off upgrading to Mavericks.

  • Sigivald

    On the other hand, I never took the “optimizing” steps he listed, so this just means that for me – and for most non-power-users – Gmail now works better with Mavericks.

  • I have zero issues with multiple gmail address is in mail. I don’t know what the big hubbub is all about.