BSO and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra throw down in epic World Series ‘Brass-Off’

The Artery:

The Boston and St. Louis symphony orchestras are home to some of the country’s most talented musicians, but neither is above some good old-fashioned smack talk ahead of the World Series.

Trash talking band geeks prove that band geeks can’t trash talk.

  • DocRoss

    But the trombonist DOES have an awesome beard!

  • Seth_J

    Good stuff! Makes me want to pick the ol’ sackbut back up and, of course, grow a beard.

    BTW — if you’re doing audio editing you can get rid of that pop sound if you ‘cut’ right where the sound wave hits the center line marker. Just zoom in to find that point.

    Just in case anyone cared. 🙂

  • I loved it.