The Loop Magazine 2.0: Designed for iOS 7

I’m so proud to announce that The Loop Magazine 2.0 went live on the App Store this morning. We’ve been working on this app for quite a while and I’m confident that there isn’t a better magazine experience anywhere else in the world.

To celebrate the release, I’m giving away the latest issue for free. You won’t want to miss this one—Matthew Modine talks about what he learned from Stanley Kubrick. Just download The Loop Magazine and read.


The new version of The Loop Magazine takes advantage of technologies in iOS 7 to give readers the best possible interactive reading experience. It’s easy to navigate issues and articles by simply using gestures on your iPhone or iPad.

The Loop Magazine has been built using Glide, a new App building technology that can create and update Apps simply by putting files in a DropBox folder. It’s the easiest system I’ve ever seen to build a magazine.

Here are some of the features:

iOS7 Features:

  • Motion effects throughout the app
  • UI Kit’s Dynamic Type size throughout the app and on the page
  • Background Fetch + Background URL session – content always up to date. Content updates are ‘deltas’ – fetches just the changes!
  • Share Sheet including AirDrop
  • iOS7 UI components and minimalistic style
  • Real-time Blur effects

General Features:

  • Made for iPad & iPhone
  • Content-focused mesmerizing interface – showcased issue covers, full screen images.
  • Video backgrounds bringing the app to life (high performance, using pure AVFoundation)
  • Always up to date! Visited issues cache automatically for offline reading, including videos!
  • No time for downloading the whole issue? – all content lazy loads on demand, so you can start reading straight away.
  • VoiceOver support
  • Subscribe or purchase individual issues
  • “Magnetic” Gallery and Video widgets with simplified UI
  • Streamlined reading experience – read the whole issue using just your thumb
  • Context sensitive footers and a handy in-app browser
  • Adjustable text size
  • Selectable text with iOS dictionary access

  • jimothyGator

    I hadn’t checked out the old version, so I cannot draw comparisons. This looks nice so far, though the test is whether the content is worth paying for.

    And there’s the thing: There’s this massive “Free Preview” banner hung diagonally across one corned, taking up a quarter or more of the vertical space of the screen. That’s distracting me from the content of the page enough that reading that content is annoying.

    I know, if I don’t like the banner, I shouldn’t be so cheap and I should pony up. But that’s just it: I’m trying to decide if The Loop Magazine’s content is worth paying for, but I’m too distracted and bothered to be able to evaluate the content.

  • Blinx182

    It’s very beautiful.. Similar to the presentation style of Mag+ magazines. It’s very alive and almost like a video game.

  • Jim, that is GORGEOUS!!! Great work here man!

    Wow, I just like going through articles to see the background blur and I utterly LOVE the link view at the bottom that hides/shows when links on in view.

    This is well thought out!

  • Jeff

    You and the Glide guys have done what Rupert Murdoch and his tens of millions of dollars could not do: show the world how to do digital publishing right. Congratulations on the new Loop Magazine!

  • It looks great, Jim.

    Now, I don’t want to be critical, but: I’d love to see have a single table of contents, index, or title search. Something like that. I have 13 issues and the only way I have to pick them is to open each of them in turn; even an old school magazine would have a few hints about the contents on the cover.

    • Blinx182

      Yup. Better take notes from the The Next web App. This is like a livelier version of it.

  • cifero

    it’s very nice. But I’m not sure is the best choise to completely abandon the old way, the way in which the content is the king, unique and the main thing . I’ve loved the cleaning of the articles before. Now I have to get used to this color … I do not know if I like it! Of course, what I like are the contents of the articles. I will make a reason 🙂