Mavericks review

John Siracusa dives deep into Mavericks

  • “John Siracusa dives deep into Mavericks”…

    No – the Marianas Trench is deep. Siracusa’s are WAY deeper. 🙂

  • lkalliance

    I keep reading about Mavericks’ better power management, but I’ve got a desktop. With so much of my computing tasks having migrated to my iPhone, I’m down to just a few things I bother to do on the iMac any more. Mine is a 2008 model, Core 2 Duo, can definitely run Mavericks; besides the user-facing features (about which I can make a judgement on perceived merit), is there any kind of speed boost or stability that I could expect? Is there a compelling reason for me to upgrade? Will, for example, Time Machine backups not slow down the system as much?

    • Herding_sheep

      Well, its not just energy-saving features, there’s a lot of performance enhancers too. I can’t speak for time machine backups, but on my 2009 MBP running a Core 2 Duo and 4gb RAM, I’ve noticed a fairly significant increase in responsiveness. Especially when memory starts to run low because of the new compressed memory. I’ve always had memory issues on my MBP, 4gb doesn’t seem like enough. Safari performance and memory usage is also much much better for me. When I had a lot of tabs open in ML, my system would become real sluggish. I tried to make Safari do a lot in Mavericks and was very impressed.

      • lkalliance

        Thanks very much for the reply, that’s awesome. Now to figure out how I can afford it…