Fender’s folding acoustic guitars

With their revolutionary Voyage-Air patented hinged necks, each guitar folds in half at the neck heel and fits comfortably into a specially designed gig bag.


  • imthedude

    These guys were on the American TV show, Shark Tank. Nice to see they got a deal going with Fender.

  • ignobilitor

    Now, if only they had started with a better acoustic guitar…

  • Sachi Wilson

    ignobilitor, have you ever tried a V-A acoustic? I owned one, a laminated back and sides model, that had very good sound. A bone saddle really made a difference on this one! I never tried a solid wood V-A model but I understood they were also good guitars for the money.

    Harvey Leach, the fellow who invented the folding neck, also makes (more expensive) custom models. I have one – a parlour guitar – which I have carried around Europe. It has splendid sound as well, and of course with the folding neck it was really easy to lug around. .