The Loop tattoo

I drove down to Santa Cruz with some friends on Sunday and got my first tattoo on the inside of my forearm. Thank you all for helping to make The Loop the success that it is, and thanks to Jenn and Tim for putting up with me.

If you need a tattoo, I highly recommend seeing Tim at Good Omen Tattoo.


  • Long Duckdong

    Your first tattoo, or your first tattoo on your forearm?

    • First ever.

      • dtj

        Not counting the Ozzy-esque “Warrant Forever” across your chest? 😉

      • Long Duckdong

        Ahh, well, congrats. It’s a euphoric feeling, hard to explain to someone who hasn’t had one. It is ( or can be) quite addictive….

        • auramac

          I don’t get it. To each his own… hate tattoos. IMHO.

        • Vera Comment

          yeah. I was getting the one on my chest with a very fine needle (the Pioneer spacecraft plaque if you must know).. i was sweating it hurt so bad.. anyway – now I get the S&M thing – pain and pleasure.

          yay dopamine

      • Nice choice. 🙂

  • bobrk

    Getting ready for the meeting tomorrow, I see…

  • MysteriousRacerX
  • tylernol

    you don’t have a tattoo of your beard? Wont your beard get jealous?

  • Moeskido

    I’m just relieved it’s not an Ouroboros.

  • lame

    Jesus Christ is that ever pathetic.