Norwegian town finally gets to see the sun

Official Travel Guide to Norway:

Rjukan is situated deep in the narrow Vestfjord Valley in Telemark. Due to the high mountains surrounding the valley, among them The Gaustadtoppen Mountain at 1,883 metres above sea level, there is no sunlight six months of the year (from September to March).

This winter, the darkness will finally come to an end.

I live in Vancouver, BC and it can be bad enough here in the winter with all the dreary rain we get but can you imagine six months of no sun?

  • tylernol

    I just came back from a visit to Norway last month. Very lovely country, but I wonder why the hell people live in that particular town when Norway is such a sparsely populated country. Plenty of spots in Norway with more sunshine than that.

    • Wilhelm Advocaat Francke

      Well, perfect skiing conditions comes with its price, but I can live with the polar nights. It’s cozy! And we have the northern lights to entertain us and the midnight sun in the summer, so it’s ok! 🙂

      • tylernol

        there we go, skiing is a good rational!

  • Peter Moeser

    “What could go wrong, Mr. Bond…?”

  • fecal.anus.sharts

    Guys, could you put your names on posts? “I” doesn’t mean much when I’m on the main page and can’t see who wrote what

    • You’ll have to take that up with The Boss. It’s his call. But it’s hard to take the request seriously when it comes from someone using YOUR user name. 🙂

  • Mayson

    100 years from first proposal in the local paper to final implementation…