Some of the most powerful photographs ever taken

You’ve likely seen some of these, but most of these were new to me. Carve out a few minutes to dig through this page. Incredible collection of powerful, moving images.

  • Applec2400

    I’m glad they included the second tank picture. What I love most about photography is that it captures a single moment in time. What I dislike about it is what can be left out or manipulated or how the story behind it can be changed to give more meaning to the photo, like the dog sitting next to the grave which was ultimately revealed as not true. Another instance, left out of this list, is the Falling Man from 9/11. The one image that sparked so much controversy portrays what looks like a peaceful, almost choreographed scene but when you look at the other images that were taken in succession, the true chaos is revealed. Amazing stuff, in its own right.