LIST: The 25 most suspenseful films ever made

I love lists. Love stepping through them, one at a time, especially with friends, arguing and discussing what’s been left out, what doesn’t belong, and what is in the wrong place.

As is usually the case, this list is not mine. In fact, I definitely don’t agree with a number of these choices. That is what makes this so much fun for me. C’mon, Jaws at #17? That’s insane. I think Jaws should be right up there in the top 3 at least.

One thing I love about lists like this is the new movies I encountered here. My Netflix queue has some terrific new entries. What’s your choice for the most suspenseful film ever made?

  • lucascott

    Trouble with lists like this is that they are clearly merely one persons opinion. And sometimes don’t stick with their own premise. A list of non horror films suddenly gets a horror film stuck in the middle. Obvious bias for Hitchcock when there are equally great films for decades after. Etc

    Yes they are great for learning about films you don’t know but to see it as a true ‘best’ list is off. Should be “my personal fav suspense films” nothing more or less

  • Stu Mark

    Crap list. De Palma is overrated. Missing films: Laura, Shallow Grave, Manhunter, Oldboy, Audition, Night Of The Hunter, The Killing, Fail-Safe, Blue Velvet… and on and on…

    • Moeskido

      Agreed about De Palma. While I’ve loved several of his movies, two of his others were among the few that made me genuinely angry I’d paid for a seat: Body Double and Scarface.