Complete restaurant automation

We’ve all seen sushi restaurants where they put the food on a conveyor belt, you pick off what you like. But this restaurant takes that process to the next level.

So much to see in this video. Special orders on some sort of tablet. Looks like an iPad power plug, but where’s the home button? Is that an iPad?

Got to love the game you can play if you deposit 5 dishes at the end. Motivation to eat more, motivation to clean after yourself.

  • satcomer

    How fast does the service take?

  • Jack

    Maybe an iPad in a hard case? I know a lot of kiosk iPads have special cases that hide the home button away.

    • rattyuk

      Yup it is an iPad with a bevelled plastic exterior.

  • Ron Miller

    These are very popular in Japan right now. I ate at a bunch of this type of restaurant this summer. All the ones I ate at used iPads. One of them delivered your special orders by a little toy Shinkansen. At another one, all your orders needed to go through the iPad, and it had a conveyor belt which would automatically eject the food onto your table after it arrived. And the service was pretty fast. Usually the sushi would arrive within a few minutes of being ordered.

  • Old guys rule

    try and watch how the food gets to the customer ‘on rails’