Apple Inc., bashed and thriving

I get all the Apple bashing, I really do. Blogs need eyeballs, pundits gotta predict stuff, doom and gloom sells papers. But that Apple bashing is tiring to read and saps the credibility of those who write it.

The linked article is Mike Wehner’s take on the question, “Is Apple thriving?” Short answer, yes.

  • Tom

    I’m about to tell you shouldn’t link to the article. But it turns out it’s a great article. Bravo!

  • Thomas Böttiger

    The problem is a more general one: It’s not some people writing silly stuff — mankind has been doing this since they discovered what those fancy wrinkles called letter are good for — but that so many people seem to believe what those people write. And that really makes me worry.

  • What he argues is the counter argument they use to prove Cook isn’t right. They say it because the products/successes he mentions are all from the Jobs era so the notion is he’s riding Jobs’ coattail.

    Until Apple does something new under Cook, the stories will continue. Once they launch or do that new product, the stories will change; well…so long as it is a success.

    Disclaimer: I’m not saying I agree with the stories just explaining my thoughts on the why.