How to search a webpage for a specific word in mobile Safari

Fantastic tip.

  • Man, great tip but Apple needs to fix their discoverability issues. How would you ever know this without accidentally running into it or reading an article like this?

  • franksspam

    This feature has been available but it got worse in iOS 7, with the advent of the combo URL/search field. Prior to iOS 7 you could use the search field for finding text on a page in exactly the same way. The difference is that you were not overwriting the URL. It’s a little strange having to delete the current URL in order to search for something.

    • 100% agree!

    • Ron Miller

      Yes … I used it a lot in iOS 6, and find it more inconvenient / obscured in iOS 7. It seems like a very un-apple like solution. The URL field is already over-loaded with two functions (typing a URL or doing a web search). At least those two operations are for navigating the web, but overloading it with a third completely different function (searching text within the current page) seems very inelegant. To me it is a very important feature … enough that it should warrant its own button or some other easy way to access.

    • ekettoz

      A report with number 9271485 requesting better ‘Search in webpage’-functionality already exists in Apple’s Bug Reporter.

  • ekettoz

    Was covered here too: