Apple announces special event for Oct 22

Apple on Tuesday announced a special event for October 22. The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco and will begin at 10:00 am PT.

It is widely expected that Apple will update its iPad and iPad mini products during the event, although we could see the introduction of OS X Mavericks and other Mac products as well.


  • IllegalAlien

    New covers?

  • Just because all the colors in the invite? Colored iPad minis?

  • Robert Hunt

    Love that invite design.

  • tylernol

    reading into the leaves.. iPad mini color(perhaps bump to A6 and polycarbonate shell) at a lower price point would be interesting.

    • im doubting this. phones are colored because theyre so personal, we carry them in our pockets and decorate them. tablets are more like laptops and desktops…most people dont care to personalize that hardware.

      • Adriano Geletes

        What do you mean by “most people dont care to personalize that hardware”?

  • GadgetGav

    It seems like Mavericks is ready to go, so I’m really hoping to see the new Mac Pro launched. I want to know how far out of my price range it’s going to be..! 😉 I wonder, if the iPad mini goes to colored shells, would that be instead of getting a retina display or as well as. I’m ready to trade up from the 3rd gen retina iPad to a retina mini, but will it happen…? Anyone want to buy a 3rd gen iPad? 😉

  • Adriano Geletes


  • Moeskido

    New iOS game debut: Angry Leaves.

  • James Hughes

    Apple is Dooooomed! Products fail to meet expectations because of (insert reason here).

  • Dr Brith Chim

    Maybe aluminum retina display mini, and polycarbonate iPad mini, in at least some of the colors shown in the invitation? (Yes, I actually wrote “invitation” (a noun) instead of “invite”… because, “invite” is, you know… a verb.)

    • i believe when one says “invite” they are abbreviating the fuller word “invitation” into just two syllables…so using it as a noun.

    • noun 7. Informal. an invitation.

  • Paul Chernoff

    Yes, finally the Apple hoverboard in a variety of colors.

    • Charity Froggenhall

      I like how your avatar looks so excited at the hoverboard idea.

  • lifeisamystery

    Classy invitation. Suitable for fall, too.

  • Space Gorilla

    Hmm, a lot to cover, as in wearable sensors, kind of Star Trek communicator badge-ish.

  • MikeTRose

    New iPad: Partridge Family edition?

    • Charity Froggenhall

      C’mon get HAPPY…

  • Larry Davis

    It sort of looks like a butt pooping

    • Space Gorilla

      Hmm, maybe check your diet, if your poop comes out like that 🙂

      • MysteriousRacerX

        All he eats is Skittles.

        • Space Gorilla

          Poop the rainbow!

  • tylernol

    not that leaks point to an imminent iWatch release, but a low power A5 + M7 is all it would take to power an iWatch.

    • Sigivald

      And all it’d take to make one is demand and/or a compelling implementation and use-case.

      Not holding my breath on that one.

  • Nicholas Chan

    smartcover for Mac Pro. lulz.

  • Moeskido

    Those could also be the feathers of the old NBC peacock.

    Apple’s buying a tv network!

    • beez1717

      In order to do that they would have to buy it from Comcast…

      • Moeskido

        Even better: buy a cable network!

        • lucascott

          If they played their cards in iTunes right they wouldn’t need to buy a cable company. They could cover that and home video

    • Td

      When I first saw the invite, made me think of this:

  • beez1717

    Maybe this signifies that they are branching out?

  • iPad covers: Now with holes!

  • joseph

    this is a little far away from now, but i hope they change the UI of their computer software to match it with ios 7

  • qo

    If you squint just right, the leaves seem to spell “Paul is dead.”

  • Apple announces new Fall gear. The iRake.

  • guitarian

    Apple is getting into BioTech. Those are paramecia that have been genetically altered for different colors.

  • NickC

    Apple E-reader?

  • Space Gorilla

    The other possibility I’ve been considering for years is Apple Mobile. Fits with ‘a lot to cover’, but I think it’s a long shot.