Calvin and Hobbes documentary

Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary about one of my favorite comic strips of all time, Calvin & Hobbes. In theaters and available On Demand on November 15, 2013. Can’t wait.

  • Perljam

    It is also available to pre-order on iTunes (US Store link):

    • MysteriousRacerX

      Thanks … pre-ordered!

  • MysteriousRacerX

    Thanks for brining this to my attention, great stuff. I’ve always been a huge fan of C&H – it’s a close tie with Bloom Country, but I think C&H probably comes out of top just because of how much I was like Calvin (even down to the “imaginary” stuffed friend, though mine was an alligator 😀 ) I think I have about 20 volumes, plus a shoebox full of original newspaper strips I cutout and used to pin to my bulletin board.

    I know Bill Watterson is very reclusive, so I suspect we won’t see him participate in this doc in any capacity.

    • GadgetGav

      I think it already states that Bill Watterson is not connected to this documentary in any way. Probably still worth a download though.

  • Moeskido

    Looking forward to this very much.

  • I supported this documentary as a Kickstarter project and received my Blu-Ray copy of it a couple of months ago. It’s a great film with high value production to it (BBC worthy, I’d say).

    Bill Watterson is not in the documentary since the focus of this has been the influence of Calvin & Hobbes to the Comics and fans since it’s introduction. There is certainly background information on Watterson in here, but no interview with the fellow. There is also another documentary being produced (called Stripped, I also supported via Kickstarter) that will have an audio interview with Watterson. That version is scheduled for a Dec release.

    But if you like C&H, this one is well worth it, I haven’t looked, but I’ll see it on a big screen as well if it’s shown around me.

    BTW, there’s plenty of talk with Berkeley Breathed in this for you Bloom County fans. Bill for President!

    • MysteriousRacerX

      Thanks for the review/preview! Geez, wonder how I missed this on Kickstarter[?] BB is an extra bonus 🙂