App for girls to rank boys

Would this app be allowed if it was boys ranking girls? Aren’t there privacy issues galore here? Remember FaceMash, the ranking web site that eventually morphed into Facebook? Isn’t this the same sort of thing? Hmmm…

  • def4

    This kind of rating is just the modern version of gossip that has been a fact of life since the development of human speech.

    Only prudishness and hypocrisy prevent immediate acceptance of this kind of ranking, both ways. If you care that much you can always make and friend a fake Facebook account, choose the opposite sex for it and follow your ratings.

  • albertkinng

    facemash! I was going to say the same thing!

  • monobazus

    This is basically a modern high tech version of the girls’ bathroom wall.

  • Lukas

    “Would this app be allowed if it was boys ranking girls?”

    If you’re implying that this, with inverted genders, would be the exact same situation, you’re ignoring thousands of years of systemic sexism, threats, and violence against women. You can’t just ignore the society we live in.

    “Aren’t there privacy issues galore here?”

    Since the ratings don’t seem to be truly public (you only seem to see people you’re friends with on Facebook), the privacy issues seem to be minor.

    • No, he is not saying it’s the exact same situation. My guess is he’s saying if it’s wrong, it’s wrong for everybody. And you know they’ll say it’s wrong for men to objectify women.

      Fine, if it’s just among Facebook friends, they are fair game. But to just allow women to do it is blatant sexism. At best it’s petty tit for tat (no pun intended). It’s beneath crass by pandering to junior high level folderal.

    • artibee

      I kind of know what you mean. Another example is racism and how the right wing folks like to think they are on the receiving end these days. But I don’t think they’ll ever have to sit at the back of the bus. It’s not the same, or rather it is the same, only different.

  • dtj

    They can monetize this by allowing the boys to pay for rating boosts.

  • Jack

    I am so glad I’m not a teenager any more.

  • I think it probably would be allowed until someone complained.

  • Roland Szpond

    Wasn’t Lulu the name of the company Apple bought out for their iTunes Match features?