Lorne Michaels introduces SNL cast for the very first time (1975)

SNL has been around for about 38 years. The video below shows an appearance Lorne and the gang made on the Tomorrow show, a late night talk show that ran from 1973 to 1982. Follow the headline link for a bit of the background story and some screen tests of the SNL cast.

  • Moeskido

    That original cast would be considered too artsy and intellectual for today’s audience. They were clever and oblique where too many of their successors on SNL have become plodding and obvious.

    The Tomorrow Show itself was a great format that has since found new popularity, and Snyder was a terrific interviewer.

  • Mayson

    Tom Snyder with a little bit of brown hair, and Gilda Radner (in the linked post) doing a magnificent Mick Jagger/Patti Smith tribute.


  • JDSoCal

    LOL @ Canajuns having to explain what the legendary Tomorrow Show was.

    The funny part is Dan Ackroyd would later brilliantly lampoon Tom Snyder on SNL.