The top 100 inventions from the last 100 years

I love lists, and this is definitely a fun one. I suspect that you will find fault with this list, have a few inventions that you think should be on it, see some that perhaps should not be. That’s just the way with lists though, no?

My biggest complaint is that the first Apple product listed is the iPod in 2001. What? No Macintosh? No Apple II? Both of these were game changers.

That said, I still enjoyed your article, Ellie Zolfagharifard.

  • Robert Davey

    Just looking at the last decade I can definitely understand having the iPad (and iPhone) on the list, they were brand new product categories, but the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7… really? Have we been that short on innovation over the last few years for those products to be the best inventions from 2011/12? What exactly did those products “invent”?

    • Timmy

      Agree. Also the Leatherman? That simply builds on the Swiss Army knife. Beats by Dr. Dre? Chosen because of headphones as fashion? Should be Sennheiser HD 414 (1968); first open headphones led the way to headphones we use today. Doing this sort of thing by year does a disservice to category defining products.

    • thanks for the headsup – sounds like a worthless list. wont bother.

  • Moeskido

    Looks like The Daily Mail held a few slots open for paid placement.