Ikea or death metal band? Take a quiz and test your knowledge

This quiz tests your ability to differentiate Ikea furniture names from the names of death metal bands. Hilarious. I didn’t do very well.

  • GadgetGav

    13/20 Mostly luck, some knowing Ikea items we have, I know nothing about death metal..!

  • satcomer

    It always seemed that after about 5 items it would go two Ikea items and then one Metal item then that cycle would start again.

  • Rick Allen

    15 out of 20. I attribute this to need for cheap furniture, and lots of Euro musician friends who like to point out bands.

  • Christopher Levin

    20 out of 20, but I guess being Swedish is considered cheating on this test 🙂

  • Moeskido

    16 out of 20. We have a lot of IKEA in this apartment.

    • Jeff Zugale

      Me too, and same!

  • Sigivald

    Those are almost all Black Metal bands, IIRC, not Death Metal bands.

    Yes, there’s a difference.

  • matthewmaurice

    Looks like they got “Looped”. If Gruber picks it up and they get “Fireballed” it could bring down their host as well.

  • 15 out of 20. I am Kvlt.