Amazing new parking tech, park your car while you stand outside it

This is pretty cool. Ford is not the first to bring this parking tech to production, but they are definitely the first of the big car makers to do so.

FAPA uses ultrasonic sensors to scan for an open parking space at speeds as high as 19 mph (30 kph). When the car finds a suitable spot it alerts the driver, who can stay in the car or get out and use a remote to finish the parking job. The car then backs itself in to the parking space.

Amazing. The car scans for available parking spaces in real time, as you drive. The car alerts you that it found a space, you get out, and the car parks itself. The future!

  • GadgetGav

    Neat! They really need this in Europe. I was there recently and couldn’t believe how tight the parking spaces were compared to modern cars, even the compact cars that are a lot more popular over there. Of course, until everyone has it, you’re still going to get door dings on your self parking car if you squeeze it into a spot that doesn’t really have space to open the doors as the other guy won’t be able to get in and out of his car.

  • satcomer

    Yea this near but side bumpers in car doors will help those dings in parking lots when other parkers bang you car doors.

  • It’s cool, I guess. But this seems to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in a way that saves you no time or effort. I don’t get it.

  • mluisbrown

    First of the big car makers? VW is one of the biggest and they’ve had this on their Touran since 2007:

  • Don Morris

    The jerk with this feature that parks so close to my car that I can’t open my door isn’t going to avoid a few dings.