Apple’s rumored Oct 22 iPad event

John Paczkowski at AllThingsD:

People familiar with Apple’s plans tell AllThingsD that the company will hold its next invitation-only event on Tuesday, October 22. The focal point of the gathering will be the latest updates to the company’s iPad line…


  • nuttmedia

    and there it is…

    • xproc


  • Scott

    UpdateS? Plural? Do you expect an iPad mini update also?

    • bobjones


    • rtainc

      He probably meant multiple updates in the product, e.g. fingerprint scanner and new camera.

  • northendave

    Now the question is, what will their “busy fall” include in addition to an iPad refresh. New product categories, perhaps?

    • unlikely. new ipad, new mini, new mac pro…thats pretty busy.

      • Vera Comment

        well one can always hope. touch id will probably be there, we all know what retina display on a mini is going to look like, and the pro has already been announced (just need a base price and ship date). 10.9 is also announced.. just need a ship date. iMacs got their update last week.. maybe MPB and Air refreshes (with a space grey option!?)


        seems like there may be room for “one more thing”

        going to pull this out of my ass.. but how about a 4k cinema display to go with that pro? (they did mention 4k supported out of the box – so they’re almost obligated to fill that spot – no way they’d tell you to go buy someone else’s display… like this one

        (with a black finish to match the pro)

      • Vera Comment

        oh, maybe end of life for the ipod classic with a 128GB option for the touch as the new “big ipod”

  • John

    No one is better than John with this kind of inside information.

  • johnnygo

    Updates ? I also focused on this word on ATD post… iPad mini retina will be a huge win

  • Jeff Zugale

    “Yep” event, or “Yep” Retina Mini, Jim? 😀

    • Mau Sandoval


      • Ezequiel Santamaria

        Get back to work Mau! 🙂

        • Mau Sandoval

          Zeke!!!! LOL!

  • uosuıʌ ǝoɾ

    New Mac Pros? Apple TVs?

    • turco320


  • Sigivald

    … surprising absolutely no-one.

    • “The date seemed rather obvious, given that it coincides with last year’s announcement schedule.” – John Gruber

      • Sigivald

        Well, I meant “a late October iPad announcement”, but yes.

        Even the exact date is not surprising historically.

  • mintgreen

    Can’t wait to drop $500 for an updated iPad with a defective motion sensor. Early adopters should proceed with caution.

    • John H. Meyer

      Hahaha, easy software fix..the issue is not going to kill you in the meantime

    • Mintier Green

      The news was broke by Gizmodo.

      Of course it was.

  • hammm

    Jim, any “Yep” for an update to the MBP line?

  • frikova

    About the Retina iPad mini… That’s a “yep”, right?

  • Kondrat

    New MBP 13″ retina Haswell also will be presented on 22nd ? Or on 15th?

  • MBP ?

  • tototo

    MacBook Pro IGZO!