Samsung copies Apple again

There is just no shame—or original ideas—in this company at all.

  • Domicinator

    It looks like people who follow tech and pay attention to this stuff are starting to get fed up with this. When is the general public going to notice and get fed up?

    • Based on the fact that someone said iOS 7 makes your phone waterproof and people believed it, it will be a long time.

    • I don’t think the general public is ever going to care if one company is inspired to rip off the ads of another company to be honest. Why would they? One thing even I can’t get excited about is advertising – no matter how good Apple is at marketing. It just doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

  • Martin Johnson

    With the exception of the TechCrunch piece I’ve only seen praise for this Samsung rip-off commercial. I’m afraid we’re still a long way away from Tech journo’s considering the ethical foundation of a company when considering their products.

    • bitflung

      well that explains a lot of the pro-apple stuff i’ve read anyway…

  • Herding_sheep

    Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. When I saw it, I thought “this is way too similar to the first iPhone ad, but maybe I’m kind of stretching here.” Nope, apparently other astute people feel the same way. Another shameless ripoff by Samsung, a company who so desperately wishes they were Apple but doesn’t have an ounce of clue.

  • Oh wow…didn’t even remember that one but I can see what you mean.

    • Then again…the original iPhone commercial was a rip off:

      “They approached us [about using Telephones] and I said no, and then they just went ahead,” he says. “The way they dealt with the whole thing is pretty sleazy.” [linked from the above and quoted on this page:

      Guess it is a copy of a copy.

      • Most of the time, Apple does a homage to iconic products, movies, music and other art stuff. But there’s no competition conflict. Now with Samsung it’s totally different. They are competing with Apple, copying Apple and bashing on Apple.

        In some countries you don’t need patents to sue that type of companies. Plagiarism it’s totally illegal no matter the patents or even the copyrights.

        Or are we gonna argue that “hey this is the proof that Samsung didn’t copied Apple, they just got the same inspiration from the same source wheres Apple got their” oh…. ok… what a coincidence…. again.

        • LMBO!!! So Apple “ripping off” Telephones was an homage but Samsung using the same concept from Telephones is wrong? Oh wait…they pulled from Apple who pulled from Telephones. Got it.

          I’m not going to argue anything, to be honest. I had no intention of saying anything more than my original comment until I found out Apple did exactly what you guys are ripping Samsung for doing: stealing a concept from another video.

          [feel free to respond, no disrespect but I’m not going to respond further on this one; not worth it as it doesn’t matter]

          • With so many ads to get inspired by… Samsung choose the one that Apple have chosen before. It’s so hard to understand that? (Rhetorical question, because obviously im not waiting for your reply)

            Seriously.. with so many things that Samsung does to copy what apple does, doesn’t matter if its a product, a homage, a concept or even a store, some people still don’t see the obvious…

  • tylernol


  • ort888

    I mean, sure, there are some similarities, but as far as shameless Samsung copying goes, this is pretty far down on the scale.

    • ort888

      Never mind. I didn’t actually watch the commercial in question. I had assumed it was a different Gear commercial I had watched a few days ago. One that was a little similar but not exactly the same.

      This one is definitely way more of a ripoff.

  • You are criticizing a company for copying while copying (AND PASTING) a link from another company who did the work of finding a specific set of examples of other companies copying and pasting. The echo chamber is breaking my brain.

    This is stupid.

  • Schizophreniasung

    Make fun of Apple, copy everything from Apple. Make fun of Apple users, want their users.

    they can sum pretty well our society nowadays, around the world.

    Btw, this is probably not a original idea, and lot of people had it already, but would you like to make a website, with a full database, with all products that Samsung already copied from Apple?

    I have a huge list… but this example was one of the firsts that I had in the past that Samsung follows apple.

    Just Google: “Samsung Pleomax”

    • gonegahgah

      Don’t forget to also incorporate a column for all the products and ideas that Apple copied.

      • If you have that list, share with us. All contribution are very welcome.

    • mads

      “I have a huge list..”

      And then you need to get a life!! Seriously 😉

      • Yes, because to make a list I need 24/7 of my life. /sarcasm off

        • mads

          No it is not about time stupid, but how you spend it on masturbating and making idiotic lists.

          “Self improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction…”

          Too bad you are not as cool as your avatar 😛

          • and you saying to me or other person how we should spend our free time makes you a better person right?

            But hey, your at least your avatar describes very well how you’re…



  • Stefan

    Copy? I don’t think so. It just makes a lot of sense to cut together pieces where this kind of technology was used. Anyone could have come up with that.

  • Jack

    The original iPhone ad has much better editing and pacing.

  • Appsung

    Except they’re probably aware of that and could be using a similar ad format to Apple as a nod.

  • Paul

    I’m an android fan but Samsung is getting on my nerve with the coping.

  • xoxo

    Yeah! Except for display technology. Oh, and except for microprocessor design. And, of course, they are a driving force in memory chip design. Well, yeah, except for all those things from which virtually every computer product today benefits – Apple or otherwise – Samsung has absolutely no innovative ideas at all. What have the Romans done for us, indeed.

    • mads


  • Robert Hagaman

    The OSX operating system – BSD, which they have proprietorized, a slap in the face to the open source community. At least Google claims Android as a brand of Linux.

    The mouse and GUI design, copied from Xerox PARC. Plenty of documentation on that.

    The click-wheel on the iPod, from the Creative Nomad(had one back in the day). Replace the screen with a speaker, and you have a copy of the Braun transistor radio, made in the 50’s. Even after admitting copying the design, they refused to pay the guy who designed it…over 30 years ago!

    iTunes? They did a Microsoft with that one, buying the software and re-skinning it.

    Someone asked for a list?

    The point is, everyone takes ideas from everyone else. If it works, why reinvent the wheel? You take what works, modify it or re-skin it, and make it your own. The only difference I see is Apple’s eagerness to sue the pants off anyone that does what Apple has been doing for decades. They are good at branding, and making a high-quality product. To claim they are original, or that others are stealing ideas from them, ignores Steve Jobs’s and Apple’s history.

    • So many misleading information here.

      First OSX is based on the Next OS, which uses Mach Kernel. Linux is not a operative system, it’s a kernel.

      The parts that OSX uses from BSD, Apple NEVER, EVER proprietorized. Also Apple not only talk about BSD on their own website, as like they even have a dedicated website to comtribute for all the open source (opensource . apple . com )

      Xerox GUI was project that no one in Xerox believed in, for lack of vision. That’s why they never, EVER, used that and Steve Jobs made a deal with them to buy that project, get all the engineers there working on that project in trade of some Apple stocks! It wasnt stolen.

      Click wheel, I can’t talk because I don’t know the story behind it.

      iTunes from Windows? What a big joke, seriously. Don’t even pull that joke to a person who used windows since the first one, like me.

      And yes, Apple got some inspiration from Braun iconic products, but then again, you need to know the story behind them. 1) Old products. 2) There’s no competition between them, they don’t sell the same products. 3) Jony Ive gives all the credits to Dieter rams, the braun designer who praises Apple in every documentary.

      Just Google: “Objectified” and see the whole documentary. Or you just can see this part:

      youtube com/watch?v=RWoprlPMBnA

      Now, what Samsung does? Compete with Apple, make exacly the same products, copy every detail, and at the end bash on Apple. This is not just taking ideas from Apple, they are ripping off the entire line of products and compete with them… it’s just crazy!

  • Moeskido

    Nice to see so many angry Samsung fans here, bravely ignoring autocorrect.

  • Shane Sandel

    even though they take designs but theres one thing Samsung been in buisness before apple started lol plz no offence

  • Shane Sandel

    samsung kills apples but i eat them guys we all love apple