The voice of Siri

Fascinating. You can read more on CNN.

  • Moeskido

    I love getting the chance to watch great voice actors doing their work.

  • Oof. Very glad they didn’t choose the Tilly personality.

  • Adam

    Except didn’t they change the Siri voice in iOS 7? It sounds like this woman was the basis for the original Siri voice (also known as “Samantha” on OS X) but is she still the voice for the new Siri?

  • franksspam

    I understand that the author of the piece is not a tech reporter but a simple google or wikipedia search would have alerted her to the fact that Siri was not owned by Nuance. Nuance provides the software that translates what WE say into something that the iPhone can then pass to Siri. It has nothing to do with Siri itself.

    That technology was purchased from Siri, Inc., which is a spinoff of SRI International, a research institute related to Stanford.