Apple releases OS X 10.9 Golden Master to developers

Won’t be long now until we see the actual Mavericks release. My hope is that this signifies the imminent announcement of a new retina MacBook Pro alongside the already pre-announced Mac Pro.

  • John Siracusa was unavailable for comment…

    …And will be for the next couple of weeks.

    • 11thIndian

      I dunno. Listening to ATP- he gets asked every week how he’s doing and I think he’s basically been waiting on Apple to finalize things. I think he’s in good shape as far as the review is concerned. I think it’s the eBooks authoring that’s going to kill him.

  • James Hughes

    Weird. I don’t see it. I am on 13A584. I see in the seed portal that they have redemption codes to apply and that they had to re-issue them due to some problems. Odd. I’ll wait I guess.

  • Derek

    Can we get a Yup or a Nope on the Retina MacBook Pro release? And if it’ll be Oct 15? 🙂