1Password 4

I use this app every day.

  • Gaussian Blur

    Fortuitous timing given the news from Adobe. Cannot better underline how useful a tool it is.

  • jtr3

    1Password has come in quite handy for me for a while. But I won’t hesitate to drop it if Apple’s new iCloud Keychain delivers.

    • EVula

      I’ll still keep using 1Password, if only because of the breadth of data that it can track; logins are great, but keeping track of software licenses and credit cards is good too (especially for those of us that to tech support for parents; my dad has his own tag so I can easily get his passwords for email, dropbox account, and iCloud).

  • I use this every day, too. The update is almost entirely better, though I don’t like the visual behaviour of the Safari extension as much now. 🙂

  • Jonas Ensby

    I use 1Password too, but I just bought it this year, don’t think I wanna pay full price again.

    • crateish

      Did you buy from the App Store or directly from them? If directly from them, it’s a $25 upgrade, or it’s free if you purchased after Jan. 1st of this year.

      • Jonas Ensby

        Oh man, thanks for the headsup. AgileBits gave me a headsup of their own yesterday, but i might have missed the mail if you didn’t remind me 😉