Mercedes’ driverless research car

Personally, I trust Mercedes more than Google.

  • If we’re talking about privacy – yes, you’re right. But technically, nothing beats world’s top google engineers, I guess

    • Herding_sheep

      Ummm, Mercedes’ top engineers have been pioneering significant automotive innovations long before Google was ever even born. Pretty sure they got them beat. Maybe Google started research sooner, but the S Class has been using Radar systems to keep the car at a safe cruising distance (and even stop the car on its own) for almost a decade. The S Class has always been ahead of its time, and it’s something you can actually buy, not some research project.

    • plaztik

      “In the 1980s, Mercedes built the world’s first robot car, together with the team of Professor Ernst Dickmanns at Bundeswehr University Munich.[74] Partially encouraged by Dickmanns’ success, in 1987 the European Union’s EUREKA programme initiated the Prometheus Project on autonomous vehicles. A culmination point was achieved in 1995, when Dickmanns’ re-engineered autonomous S-Class Mercedes took a long trip from Munich in Bavaria to Copenhagen in Denmark, and back. On highways, the robot achieved speeds exceeding 175 km/h (109mph).”

      Sure, nothing beats those “top Goole engineers”! Except Mercedes, who have been doing it since those “top Google engineers” where little kids. I guess everyone forgets that technology and engineering existed way before Google did. And that they don’t own the top level engineers in every tech possible…

      • mostly agreed. But “first” is not equal “better”. You can’t compare ’80 Mercedes and today’s Google. Driverless cars are all about algorithms – and that’s exactly what [today’s] google so good at.

        • plaztik

          It’s not a matter of they were first. My point is, they never stopped. They have been developing this kind of technology for almost 30 years. And it’s not all about algorithms. It’s how it also translates to the machine (in this case, the car). And let’s not forget about the cars themselves. This is a full on S Class Mercedes that you can’t differentiate from a normal S Class model; not a Prius with a huge LIDAR antenna on top of the roof supported by something that is normally used to carry surf boards or skis. For that you have the Oshkosh TerraMax that is autonomous, and a huge friggin military truck at the same time.

          I’m pretty sure that Google has some of the best engineers around, but not on this.

  • Tom

    Personally, I would drive anything that would not send my data to Google.

  • Me too. I wouldn’t drive anything built by Google. Heck, I won’t even use Google Drive!

  • Tvaddic

    Does Mercedes provide its own GPS data? Car companies usually don’t.

  • Great. A Mercedes Benz post after a Janis Joplin post…

    “Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” is now playing on a loop in my head for the rest of the day.

  • arnonymous

    Have you noticed that the biggest problem with modern cars (including mercedes) is the computers, the software.

    Mercedes have great innovation and engineering capabilities but they are no software company, Google is.