Galaxy Note 3 “tiny screen mode”

Isn’t this like admitting you’ve gone too far?

  • alj_disc

    the fact that you need both hands to make the swipe enabling this is priceless !

    • i dont think you really do need both hands to execute the swipe. I could see a user executing this swipe with their thumb, I am not sure why the reviewer didn’t demonstrate the “one-hand” mode with one hand.

    • Lukas

      You don’t.

  • when Apple makes a big screen Iphone, will that be like admitting they were wrong?

  • Max

    Yes it is, and it’s a feature (the admitting)! 😀

  • Usually I am pretty hard on Samsung, but I can’t ding them for addressing a user pain point.

    • rattyuk

      …Which they created as a differentiator.

      Remember when everyone (Analysts Journalists and Pundits) said Apple had to get into the Netbook business or they were doomed? How did that work out?

      These same idiots are now insisting that Apple gets into the large screen phone business – because that is “where it is headed” and yet when you get a “Large Screen Phone” from Samsung you can make part of it emulate a small screen phone because that is ergonomically to fit with what people actually want.

      The point is Samsung are throwing everything they have got – Phone Size – dumb adverts that are insulting the people that they are trying to get to switch – and stupid, yes, stupid amount of money – hard coding to cheat on benchmark scores to “prove” they have better hardware (which is great on paper and yet their stuff is still laggy) to try and win this – meanwhile the world is beginning to wise up!

      • I am unsure as to why Netbooks, Analysts, Journalists, Adverts, or benchmarking cheats are relevant.

        So it would be better for the company to be stubborn and not provide a solution for their customer than to admit that the designed product isn’t great in a specific use case situation and provide a solution?

        I view this as addressing a user pain point in the same way that Apple created a split keyboard feature for the iPad in iOS 5.

  • Jack

    Now that they’ve innovated with Tiny Screen, this frees Samsung to make even bigger phablets. Like a 21″ phablet with tiny mode. That way, Samsung can claim the biggest screen size and still have allow one-handed operation. Apple is doomed.

  • Moeskido

    This reminds me of that pair of size-16 boots I have that came with inserts that allow my smaller feet to fit in them. Works great.

  • Jonas Ensby

    Seems like a convenient feature to me…

    I know it’s easy to paint this as a “have to shrink screen because the screen is too big” but why is it a bad thing to add a mode where you can use a single hand sometimes.

    As an iPhone user who wants a bigger iPhone, I have tremendous disdain for you people who seem to actively work against it.

  • Tom

    Big screen. Tiny mode. It doesn’t matter. It’s still butt-ugly phone.

  • Boback

    I do love your quotes here…

  • Lukas

    No. It’s just a way of letting people use the large screen when it makes sense, and revert to a smaller screen when it is more convenient.

    I happen to have a Note II, and I’m probably going to upgrade to the Note III as soon as it can be rooted. I’ve never used the one-hand mode, because I have large hands and the Note II’s one-hand mode sucks a bit, but I could see myself switching to this in specific situations.