Steve Albini’s letter to Nirvana

Music producer Steve Albini had a conversation with Kurt Cobain about the possibility of Steve producing Nirvana’s next album, their final studio album, In Utero. Kurt asked Steve to put together an outline of his thoughts on producing and the letter after the jump was the result. So much great stuff in there.

  • initialsBB

    Only he could write something like that. I don’t miss any of the all too rare Shellac shows. All hail Steve Albini !

  • Kris404

    That’s an absolutely amazing read. In Utero is one of my favorite records of all time. I absolutely loved the ‘raw’ nature of the record compared to a more polished effort that is Nevermind.

    Imagine a producer declining to take royalties working with a multi-platinum record selling band.. Incredible.

  • Mark Fitzgibbins

    That’s so awesome. I found a hilarious and awkward interview of Steve Albini. Check it out: