Apple hires Nike’s Fuel Band designer

Good hire for Apple.

Update: In my effort to get caught up after a few days away, I may have posted this too soon. He apparently wasn’t involved in the design of the Fuel Band.

  • I can’t wait to see what they do with wearables.

    lol @ him being part of shoes though.

  • CJ

    Not surprisingly, you have the integrity to update your initial report with the corrected info.

    AppleInsider reported this right out of the gate (whether before or after 9to5Mac, I don’t know) and then later released a second story saying the rumor reports were wrong, linking but not referring to their earlier report. (Different writers wrote the two stories.) At that time, the original AppleInsider article remained unchanged. Now (I just went and looked) the original AppleInsider article, and it’s headline, have been changed, with no reference to the original rumor they helped get started. Perhaps I’m just remembering it wrong and the original AppleInsider article never really happened. (There should probably be a “1984” reference here.)

    If 9to5Mac had done the responsible thing and made a correction to their mistaken story, you wouldn’t have been sucked in to the rumor. But no, if you go to right now, the first thing you will see on their main page is the rolling headline, “Apple hires one of Nike’s top Fuel Band designers to work on wearable devices.” That’s why AppleInsider is on my very infrequently read list and 9to5Mac isn’t on it at all. (FWIW, my read everyday list is Macworld, Daring Fireball, The Loop, in that order.)