Vesper and feature requests

John Gruber talks about future plans for Vesper with incredibly refreshing honesty. Devs and product marketing managers, this is worth a read (and worth emulating). So great.

  • I’m a massive Daring Fireball fan, but I don’t find this post any different than the plain English blog posts by dozens of dev shops.

  • He’s smart not to give specifics on the timeline.

  • Moeskido

    I’m also an avid reader of Daring Fireball, but…

    This is a note-taking app, right? Did I miss something extraordinary about it that merits attention, other than the famous name(s) behind it?

    • as much as I enjoy both blogs, it appears a cross-marketing thing — Gruber promotes Jim’s apps, Jim promotes Gruber’s. guess they gotta pay the bills too…

      • Moeskido

        Oh, I have no problem with commerce, whether here or on DF. I’m simply wondering what the fuss made elsewhere about Vesper was about.

        I suppose it’s a relatively simple way for Gruber and his partners to learn how to develop apps together before they tackle more complicated problems. It just seems to me that the gushing praise being heaped upon Vesper is at least in part due to the names behind it.

        I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

        • It definitely is about who is doing the app. They get unwarranted praise and dislike/hate purely based on who they are. Good comes w/ the bad.

      • Jim didn’t share this, Dave did.

  • The devil is in the details! If I didn’t care about details I would use the built in Notes app on my iPhone, but I do care about details so I use Vesper.

    • the details are also why I cannot use vesper — I need to access my notes from other devices. I input stuff from my phone when making visits, them access them from a web client when in the office.

      • So Vesper is not for you then. Use another app!

  • Bob

    “So great.”

    1. It’s a bleepin’ notes app.
    2. It doesn’t sync.
    3. It may or may not sync in 6 months. Or maybe a year.
    4. John Gruber told us about #2.

    So great?





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