A farewell to Mariano Rivera


I was lucky enough to watch enough baseball to know there was one player who was simply better than everyone else. He wasn’t perfect, but he was about as close as they come to perfection.

For Yankee fans, baseball fans and fans of class. And if you haven’t seen the video of Rivera’s last appearance at Yankee Stadium, watch it here. But have a tissue handy.

  • JDSoCal

    Jesus, not like he has ALS like Lou Gerhig. He’s retiring happy and healthy and rich as hell.

  • richardmac

    Rivera, great player for sure. As for Yankee fans? Who gives a crap?

  • Ted Ellis

    Even as a Red Sox fan I can appreciate this. Rivera is a great pitcher and a consummate player (will leave the blown saves against Boston in 04 alone).

  • Moeskido

    I haven’t followed baseball in any real way since Nixon was in the White House, but that was a hell of a sendoff for anyone who loves their job and the people he worked with.