Major League Baseball to roll out Apple’s iBeacon tech in stadiums

This is very smart.

In a bid to make the ballpark experience more engaging for fans, Major League Baseball plans to roll out Apple’s new iBeacons technology to deliver targeted information and offers based on a fan’s location within the park, according to a new report.

Plan on seeing this in place in time for the beginning of next season. Brilliant!

  • lkalliance

    This sounds really cool. One question, and one worry:

    –There’s reference to BluetoothLE (low energy). Is this simply a software specification? Does my iPhone 4S now have lower-energy Bluetooth because I’m now running iOS 7? Or do I need a newer phone to get that feature?

    –Despite the lower energy, I can feel my phone battery draining quickly at ballgames, lol.

    • Martin Johnson

      BluetoothLE requires hardware and a software stack that supports it. The 4S and above have LE hardware, with iOS7 it now has the software to really use it.

    • Mike Gray

      The iPhone 4S has Bluetooth LE. It was not simply a software specification. It uses the same spectrum, but uses different channel definitions and different modulation techniques.

    • lkalliance

      Thanks for the quick info, guys!

  • Jack

    Yes, please. I get lost very easily inside big stadiums.

    • lkalliance

      I’m at Target Field right now, looking for a restroom. And the game ended last night!